Situated on over 90 Acres of pristine Upper Mojave desert surrounded by thousands of acres of undeveloped land, JOSHUA TREE LOCATION is an ideal location for COMMERICALS, PHOTO SHOOTS, MOVIES, YOGA RETREATS and SPECIAL EVENTS.

AMAZING ROCK FORMATIONS. STRUCTURES. STORAGE CONTAINERS. MAKEUP WARDROBE HOUSE, LOCAL SUPPORT. Located 130 miles from Los Angeles, 3 miles from the Western entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, and 2 miles from the town of Joshua Tree.

CONTACT: Matthewpatrick@me.com 310-880-1525

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Joshua Tree Green is here to satisfy your desert location needs

Easy road access to many different locales.

Has the same rock formations as Joshua Tree National Park without the difficulties and expense that goes with it.

1350 square foot, solar powered home and storage containers

Main compound and workshop

Incredible array of looks

Movie shoot

An incredible spot for bands to record their next album with a remote truck

Shoot quality rock videos or stills

Joshua Tree Green offers exceptional Desert Locations 130 miles from Los Angeles

2 miles from the town of Joshua Tree

Cliff Walls, dried stream beds, caves, plenty of variety

Plenty of huge boulders

More than a half mile of Dirt Road

Joshua tree at Main Wash

Special Event

Outdoor hot tub night

Rainy day on platform on "Paradise Parcel"

Amazing rock formations

Plenty of huge boulders

Upper Compound Rocks

An average sunset

Outpost Camp flats

Miner's Shack at night

Towards Miner's Cabin

Miner's Cabin

Parcel up behind Miner's Hill

Kuhara Parcel

Kuhara parcel

Kuhara Parcel

Kuhara Parcel

Looking up "Paradise Parcel," through valley

Sculpture on "Paradise Parcel"

Property is adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park and BLM land

Property is adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park

Miner's Cabin wide shot

Cave below main compound

Large Rock Cave Location with bed

View of property from Park Boulevard, only 2 miles from Joshua Tree proper

Example of previous set

Easy to create set dressing / sets

1950's wood panel motor home

Secure storage in metal shipping container

Miner's Cabin

House facing chasm and outskirts of Joshua Tree

Junkyard section

View of worker compound at night

Workshop compound

Small workshop compound

Inside of one of the storage containers